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Programs Overview

Rainbow teams work in Chicago and its 5 county metropolitan area. We currently operate over 155 programs and reach more than 1,000 children monthly.


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"My daughter is 19 years old and was hospitalized here 4 years ago. We still have a picture of that dog from animal assisted therapy on the refrigerator to this day. If you ever wonder if what you do with these dogs is important believe me, it is."
          — A patient's mother

Animal assisted therapy sessions are conducted in small and large group settings. We work directly with each organization to identify and meet their unique objectives.

Children, with special needs, improve their motor and verbal skills while working directly with the Rainbow dogs. They often do things happily for the dogs that they will not do for anyone else. The unconditional love and patience provided by our special therapy dogs help to increase their self esteem and motivation.  Quite often, participants display a remarkable determination to learn other new skills and to apply them in other areas of their lives.

Boo-RadleyAll of our programs, besides building skills, help the children focus elsewhere than on their disability or disease. They also provide a happy respite from the rigors of daily life.

Programs Objectives
and Benefits

Rainbow serves a wide range of organizations and facilities. The grid below lists the various types of programs that Rainbow serves and the benefits/objectives that can be realized from each program. While each program has unique needs and objectives, common benefits resonate through like-kind programs, as the following grid shows.

Our Program Locations

Download a list of programs Rainbow currently serves.

Special Programs Offered by Rainbow

Timber~ Crisis Response

Rainbow’s Crisis Response Team is composed of therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers who have received extensive training to respond to an emergency or disaster event. Field training includes: relating to emergency personnel, traveling on a variety of transportation types, and working in all public arenas. The Team aids rescue workers and volunteers. The members also calm and support victims during a crisis situation.

~ Dog Apprehension

Rainbow offers special classes designed for children who have an excessive fear of dogs. The participants develop skills and confidence in safe interactions with dogs. Techniques are taught to help them overcome their fears and to control the situation.

Cohen~ Read to the Dogs

Rainbow works in conjunction with many librarians to provide this service. Children can read for 10 to 15 minutes to a therapy dog, turning the reading environment into a non-threatening place where children can read for the fun of it!

~ Dog Safety

Dog bite injuries are among the leading causes of pediatric admissions to hospital emergency departments, with half of all children being bitten by a dog by the time they are 12 years old. This alarmingly high number of dog bites can be reduced by teaching children how to behave safely around dogs. Rainbow has developed a dog safety program to promote education aimed at the prevention of dog bites and to increase child safety in interactions with dogs. The program is suitable for classroom visits and targets children between the ages of 5 and 9 (grades K-4).

Girl feeding carrots to dog~ Speaker’s Bureau

We encourage organizations to learn more about Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy and our programs throughout the Chicagoland area. 

For more information on existing Rainbow programs or to inquire about Rainbow working at your facility, please e-mail Susan Burrows at rainbowprog1@ameritech.net.

Overview ~ Program Objectives and Benefits
Additional Programs

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